“I awoke only to find that the rest of the world was still asleep.”

― Leonardo da Vinci
Anonymous asked: How could I extract the dmt? I know that here where I'm from the native indians snuffed ground cohoba seeds wich contain dmt, but I'd prefer to smoke it! Any advice?

Dmt is very easy to extract and can be done rather inconspicuously. You can buy all the stuff you’ll need at general stores and such. Just about the only thing you might have an issue with is the dmt containing material depending on how readily available it is to you. 

  • I’d also advice you search “Dmt” and learn as much as possible (Its very powerful and should be taken consciously at safe doses.) 
  • Also, don’t tell people what your doing. Its obviously illegal.

The website I’ve provided below is an amazing source of knowledge for dmt extraction and LOTS of other stuff.

With any luck you’ll be extracting DMT freebase in no time. Enjoy! :)